We as people don’t like …

We as people don’t like to think of ourselves as something so easily replaceable  or upgradable like electronics. For those who think about it a bit deeply – it’s disconcerting and distressing to find out one has been phased out by a person or group of peers as if they were thought to be obsolete.  Some folks just get indignant, start acting out and rightly so. Our time on this globe is limited we’re not toasters, TVs or Cellphones.  So while we’re here let’s not treat each other as such.

The moral of the quote is, “Be grateful for who you have in your life today because they might not be in it tomorrow.”

Thought of the day.

About lordhalcion

Howdy folks! I am glad that I have the opportunity to share my art, stories and poetry with ya'll! However do take note that it appears here under the creative common license: Attribution-No Derivative Works. Here's the link: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/ Means please be respectful of my works and you'll be allowed to view them and share them if you wish! :)

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