Sometimes it is not a matter of skill that keeps us sharper than steel or more focused than that of an eagle. It is the world we live in, it is the probability for operating in life without any conceivable measure of outcomes. Other than the black and white of success and failure.

Sometimes for all of our good intentions we find ourselves outwitted by the gremlins that seemingly and invisibly so that come into our lives and turn it Topsy-turvy. An immediate challenge to the control we once held on the situation and a challenge that isn’t always met head on, since success can seem so near when we’re falling away from it.

Let this be a cautionary sort of deal that when it seems too good to be true, pinch yourself. Make sure you’re not dreaming and if you aren’t then be warned there’s more to complacency that meets the eye.


About lordhalcion

Howdy folks! I am glad that I have the opportunity to share my art, stories and poetry with ya'll! However do take note that it appears here under the creative common license: Attribution-No Derivative Works. Here's the link: Means please be respectful of my works and you'll be allowed to view them and share them if you wish! :)

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