Obfuscation: Breaking Torpor

That which oppresses us.


Do you ever find yourself flying along until you’ve hit the wall of adversity?

Do you find anxiety instead of the comfort of soft lies?

Discovering the distortion of truth and the shroud of despair.

Things that we cannot comprehend when life seems to obfuscate the bigger picture and our place within.

Striving to seek the warm embrace of day when we’re hunted by the ever encroaching black of night.

It’s hard to find markers in this path when we’re blazing this trail in the wilds of the unknown.

Remember when everything seemed so easy? Like life had thrown us a bone.

Perhaps that was the period of grace – the calm before the storm to come.

How could one come to appreciate our gifts without the challenge of difficulty?

Before one hangs up their aspirations and settles for depressions way –

Wouldn’t it be wiser to smash the convention of oppression and make way for dreams no matter how far fetched?

One step towards a goal is a step in the right direction.


Escaping that which stops us.

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About lordhalcion

Howdy folks! I am glad that I have the opportunity to share my art, stories and poetry with ya'll! However do take note that it appears here under the creative common license: Attribution-No Derivative Works. Here's the link: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/ Means please be respectful of my works and you'll be allowed to view them and share them if you wish! :)

3 responses to “Obfuscation: Breaking Torpor”

  1. rebecca2000 says :

    Wonderful. You know I am sure this is rhetorical, but I am a fighter. If I run into a wall, I find another entrance.

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