The Color of Sacrifice

Contentment is the rat’s nest, it makes us weak and incapable. There comes a point when injustice and malice rear forth like raiders before the dawn. Those who plunder, spoil and are cruel enough to take prisoners for their amusement.

To the exhausted, pain takes a moment to process that it’s slavery. To the invested, pain is a call for ferocity to escape and stay ahead of the curve. Something more than survival.

It’s a call to take that blind leap of faith, so that we may see truth.

Injuries aren’t felt immediately and the damage may be obvious but when we push onward – we deny ourselves the moment to mourn. The moments of darkness that helps define our brightness.

The absence of color in the world only being measure in the black and white.  A perception of positive and negative vibrations in a spawning pool of life.

In order to have the color we so seek, we have to sacrifice though at what cost is it? What price will have to be paid to have a world of gray and red? Will we have to hemorrhage for the sake of humanity or do we preserve presence of self while failing to adventure?

For that which we anticipate, we can never truly prepare for the damage to be dealt or the wound to be made so we can bleed and experience one of the finer points to perception.

We may see the red, knowing it to be more than blood:  It’s rage, passion, love and freedom and it can flowing smoothly before settling to dark crimson.

So provided we survive the hurt, provided we don’t let ourselves fall apart, then we get to seal the wound and meditate on that which became our strength despite the weakness.

The heart is both the most powerful muscle and a limitation to the flesh made humanity. It helps to keep the mind balanced and the flesh alive.  It also sends out like errant knights seeking the near unattainable but still it gets what it needs and through braving the world what it wants.

So despite the perceptions of heartache and damage know that if you still breath you’ve a chance to do something more than fate or destiny has prescribed for us.

When we bleed a little for the things we believe in, care about and refuse to give up on – the world becomes ours.


The heart hungers for what the body cannot eat.


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4 responses to “The Color of Sacrifice”

  1. Charron's Chatter says :

    This is an in-depth look I can’t even pretend to fathom all (of). I did, however, love the line: “…a world of gray and red? Will we have to hemorrhage…” as the use of hemorrhage so nicely plays on the blood imagery already roiling…I agree that suffering for something–bleeding for something imparts a sense of ownership and protectiveness unfound otherwise…marvelous mind, Robin. Even beautiful. 🙂

    • lordhalcion says :

      Thank you Charron. When I wrote this I was feeling much, I could have let negativity keep eating at me like flesh eating bacteria or do something. I choose do something and I did. Amazing how things can force us to act even when want to be destructive or even self-destructive. The hardest step is telling those urges, “No.”

  2. collin cooper says :

    Well done robin!!!
    This piece absolutely speaks to me. It’s so true that without the dark pain-filled days of just surviving, the small rays of light we receive would mean nothing.
    The last sentence is my favorite, it gives me hope that with tenacity and perseverance my goals and dreams are obtainable.


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