A Mistaken Guardian: The Coming of Ages

There were no more kings and queens, no sense of entitlement. The game had changed centuries prior yet people like to act like they were deserving of more. Handouts because they were held in regards to some arbitrary rule, some exception to the law. Like they would be held at the mercy of evisceration which did not discriminate; it treated all in it’s path fairly, justly. It was a perfect kind of peace, a game changer; something that forcefully shifted paradigms. Sadly, there wouldn’t be any people left to appreciate it.

The lucky ones had died and were uplifted to a place beyond suffering. The make-up of their matter shifted into energy that would cycle until burned out. The sky was still exploding; twin stars of brilliance competing against each other eternally. The cascades of nova hot sun-dwarfing energy a dazzling light show for viewers far off, though sadly this star was twinkling. It’s twilight soon to have passed into the cosmic fold. Things that defined people, civilization and culture, had no relevance to the grand scheme of galactic balance. Since stars and the planets enslaved to gravity operated beyond means of comprehension, despite primitives basing religions and science upon them. Theories were just as bad as superstition since one could never prove universal truths for things that would never truly been understood.

Knight Lord

Multidimensional Accountability

He was late to the endgame, yet he stepped out of the aether between worlds. He was greeted by a beauty reserved for his kind of justice, the very thing that defined his existence. He could feel the might of molecular reactions throughout nuclear detonations, the sun burst of flashes heralding his arrival. His very being in awe at the beauty of the present. Much rather than letting him cut a swath through the defiant, damned and guilty, they choose to destroy each other. A thought that had not crossed his mind, rarely was it that people welcomed death. Never had it been that entire civilizations sacrificed themselves over their sins, against each other and the order of balance.

He had no need for breath or the functions that living beings took for granted; He had no fear of the things that he could control and dominate. His helmet reflected the brightness and armor absorbed the heat and swirling anarchy of lashing winds. It was there he steadied himself standing upon molten slag – taking in the big picture. He had found the light but it was only molecular for the years of darkness that had been endured to make his trek cross the planes and planets of the infinite unknown.

There was not many that had ever encountered him since happenstance was never part of the ultimate plan. Everything had reason to be, everything existed because matter elsewhere ceased. His talents were the punishment of those that would violate laws, treaties and contracts of beings that existed in the beyond. He too was one of them however not everyone demonstrated the same talents; He found himself further out and along than normal; seconds, moments, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia and aeons did not count for anything when time itself was an eternity. So for a measure of time that would be a moment for him; he waited, never moving as the fires died out and the ground beneath him cooled to black glass. The skies overhead were blackened filled with ash and soot; the sun beyond beaconed to it’s slave to let it’s beauty shine through but it was ignored by it’s now darkened child.

He stepped, walking forever across the new world since a ruined would mean that it could never be used again. The ground crunched and cracked beneath his booted heel as he took one step after another. Mountains had been flattened to become plains, artificial structures that formed cities had become mountains, oceans were vast canyon filled deserts and volcanoes had erupted from the buckling and breaking of plates; they spewed lava forth making rivers of boiling hot magma – earth’s blood and tears. The traveler allowed himself luxury of admiration of his surroundings, his visit had awoken something more than a need to carry out order within him.

On previously judged worlds, people had met him with mixed responses but the outcome was the same; They had assumed he was their deity, or an angel or extraterrestrial being seeking to unite cultures across the constellations; sadly they were mistaken in their assumption. For meddling in matters of greater beings, they were destroyed; the punishment fitting the crime. Most of the time, lesser creatures would be allowed function in that reality. Since it would be a near eternity by the time they became aware enough to be anything greater than savages that were victims of predation. Even still when they would eventually sin and he would inevitably be there to bring justice upon them.

Peoples that adhered these rules with respect but skirted danger simply called him the Inevitable.  Some called him, The Guardian but it was a barbaric misguided term. He was the only one of capable of doing what he did, the only one with the responsibility of necessary destruction and the only who could grasp the scale of what would happen if he did not kill on. It was the gravest of honors and the most weighty of responsibilities amongst like beings. Some primitives called them gods but he knew better than to use such a misrepresenting term to those that truly built worlds and sent them to their places to be lorded over by the light of stars.

There was much that he knew as ultimate truth, his purpose was singular and perfect provided he kept the balance. His role wasn’t to question, it wasn’t to doubt, it was only to sentence and enforce. Yet he found himself experiencing something more than his being. Was it remorse for previously destroyed civilizations? Was it mourning the loss of those that did the honors of his job before his arrival? He struggled to find a word for his newly formed feelings, it was a first for him; It was guilt. He had not violated any of his morals or so he measured  but why was it he felt that way? He did not have answer, instead he had recollection of the stream of occurrences throughout his time of being.

He was the arbiter of dimensions, the final say in the existence of peoples that would soon wield powers to create much like his equals. Without another word, he set off making sure balance was kept at all costs. He then realized perhaps he was the one without balance, arbitrarily eliminating those that could contribute something just as great to the galaxy at large. He sought understanding for this recent change within but still he had nothing but questions. Perhaps it was anarchy creeping in, attempting to sow the seeds of doubt against finality. For an innumerable measure of time he had safeguarded the very axioms that needed to be upheld and now he felt there was a need for change.

Despite his calm, he felt something else simmering inside of him. Something that he needed to express outwardly, he drew his sword and struck the ground with all of his might. His blade had only tasted blood but instead it struck the earth and split the ground apart for distances beyond his range of vision. He had a name for this feeling; it was rage, which was something he felt from the magnificent realizations that he was having within his mind. He had only himself to blame for everything that had transpired on account of his deeds and for that it was shame. These emotions felt negative, inspiring the worst in him despite his greater destiny.

It was then he had an epiphany; if he had the power to destroy then perhaps it would be within his capability to create. Perhaps, there was more of a purpose than that which he had come to terms with, in the grander scheme of things. Those that he found himself in leagues with as equals had not known what it was like to enforce destruction on things both numerous and miniscule in their affairs. It was then from his arrival that perhaps destruction wasn’t his final say in matters since those considered lesser could trifle with mechanics of the heavens and obliterate themselves.

He found within himself a need to create, a need to truly be equal with those amongst his peers. He realized that he would need to make them see that it was time to welcome others who seek uplifting. For those that couldn’t see them eye to eye make them have to enforce justice in their own way. So that they too could know the responsibility of destruction, so that they too could feel something more than singularity in function. It wasn’t an embodiment of chaos or the order he had come to embody, it was life and death the balancing of creation. He hadn’t brought balance, he had visited only devastation to countless worlds so that his equals could reshape them in ways that were their own. It was injustice for him to have done so, since he hadn’t first asked the question, what did they do wrong other than try to understand? It was then he realized that he was capable of being fallible, a notion that was truly terrifying.

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