A Thumb For Salvation

I came to this planet looking for existence, I was forced to being by a spark of creation

A miniature nova from one beget many and so my culture of reality I was born

I came to this planet because it was time to be, I came seeking love and acceptance

This one is not an embodiment of perfection but it is based on the world surrounding

At the mercy of apes, devils and angels alike yet still the recluse against my will

No! they teach me humor and tell me to smile at the atrocities I’ve yet to encounter

An acceptable compromise given the horrors that awaited the evolution of being

One realizing that it’s a neverender, a spiral of dairy ways and places we’re yet to get to

They tell me that I’m at fault for having aversion for the primates and the poop they sling

Are they not aware? The children they let loose on each other, destroying each other frivolously

You think they would be considerate or so I thought but even I had handlers that couldn’t handle it

Now how about that? A floating prisoner to gravity and the psychotic are my wardens

Imagine that for a moment, let me bring you into this, let me show you something I’ve seen

The world is far prettier than the ugly buildings that adorn it’s surface like the cancer of civilization

Things that cannot be understood, people innocent and beautiful, graceful and amazing

Not like the monsters that lurk, with meaningless words that hide a lack of respect for humanity

Seeing monsters do, makes me want to do things I shouldn’t, to endure hell for others, not for self

But what good is the power of violence? what good is hate? It isn’t; it’s a product of fear

The things we can’t control, comprehend or make bent to our will, yet we can’t just come to terms

We have been too ignorant, and mad and fearful, we’ve been misled! our pride is our hubris

I see darkness in the world and terrible fates for all, I wonder if love was ever real

A god might view us as superfluous insects with life span shorter than the motion of a blink

I see myself, further wanting to be done here, looking to leave and find a new place to be

Why should I care for my fellow human? if they can’t think to quit stomping eachother’s hopes and dreams

How much more of this can one take? When you chop away at the protection of sanity

And I wonder why I am still here, if I am invisible to some and attacked by others?

I’m sick of being the pariah, it’s time for me to go, time to put out for some faraway unknown

A thumb for salvation.


Catching a ride.


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About lordhalcion

Howdy folks! I am glad that I have the opportunity to share my art, stories and poetry with ya'll! However do take note that it appears here under the creative common license: Attribution-No Derivative Works. Here's the link: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/ Means please be respectful of my works and you'll be allowed to view them and share them if you wish! :)

4 responses to “A Thumb For Salvation”

  1. artisticmilestone says :

    Very dramatic. Most of your posts are challenging to read for me and it has deep meanings 🙂

  2. Kenz Love says :

    I very much like the Illustration that accompanies this one.

  3. buggeek says :

    It’s interesting to reflect that most struggles, attacks or psychic ones, are truly the result of a being searching to define themselves and find adhesion. In reality, we are all equally attached (the furthest removed human is a 37th cousin). I believe we are all part and parcel of the whole of this world, perhaps the universe as well, and that composite is actually God. The audacious human thinks his/her endeavors are somehow unique and fragile, when they are ultimately what must be.

    Those who pursue negativity merely appear as zits on the face of God. Those who attack in reponse accumulate the pestilence of the attackers and allow it to spread. Those who turn the negative energy into positive spread health throughout their environment.

    We are all part of the same fabric, the same world. To knowlingly bring harm to one, is to bring harm to all. The ripples of any action, however small, do pass on the energy. To waste life in any form, is to show disdain for life and maximum negative energy. Thus, for example, if you waste food, you are wasting the life sacrificed for you and bringing harm to the world. If you ignore a person who reaches out for you with no harm, you depress the world. the amount of negative energy eminating from the human population is staggering. That energy creates Sperstorm Sandy, drought, famine, etc.

    The very best absorb negative energy and exude positive. A neglected dog, for example, will still greet it’s owner with love and tail wags until they are overwhelmed by the negative energy. They act as shock absorbers as long as possible to maintain the healthy atmosphere for the others in their environment. The neglectful owner, on the other hand, absorbs positive energy and does not allow it to continue to flow through the world. choose your attitude at least as carefully as you choose what to eat off a menu. You own your vibes. Think positive. Not in a yellow smiley face type of way, but in a healing frame,

    Thanks for letting me into your blog! You are a dynamic soul!

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