The Ember Dance of Fenrir

In regards to fighting it is not the action of violence or the male-intent of hate but the one in which we weather these trials of life, through friendship of other wayfarers and those we’ve embraced in our upbringing, stood next to those by which we have partaken the folly of that which has burned us and dashed our hopes from one time or another.

It is that which we should seek to enlighten ourselves with, the story of wayfarers; so that we may share and share alike in that story we’ve come to call history.

Finding in it something worthy of lighting the points of stars amongst the darkness in heaven.

Dancing like embers in Fenrir’s wake. It does not make us the monsters that bring ruin to strangers weary on these wild roads of life.

It is not irresponsibility that brings the ire and wrath of beings inevitable to the ends of the way.

It is the necessity by which we seek to be free to uplift those troubled and to shield them in the warming mantle of salvation, an embrace of that which is to be if we seek to plant the seeds of love and laughter and not the embitterment of treachery and the spear of finality with which all things are severed.

Let the sour notes of our limits not ruin the sweetness that finds us when we’re lost in the trials that brings forth tears and blood.

May we be guided forth towards a gathering of friends and allies. So that the mirth will not make us content and in idle state.

It is the silence that looms invisibly but we shall wisely and through time come to not fear it when in the early hours of a newborn day.

This being more of a daft proclamation that I hope to inspire in those who need to unite in friendship.

So that fellowship is not the affair with which we need to be on guard from those within but on cautious against those without.

Those who only share the bond of spite and malice that are unconscionable to the truths which are ever present. May we not strike them down but disarm them of their spades and stones which they are supplied to wage a misguided campaign of hatred.

For which it is the war that is the truer threat be it in minor conflict or the grand epic scale of errant spoiled people considering themselves deities amongst those that they should be equaled to even if in humility.

Be wary of the predators that do not understand that they too have become the prey. The biggest threat of all is the lack of hospitality and pride of hostility that which keeps us trapped.

The colossal danger being when we cannot frolic about hallowed places and nestle in the safety of our flames by which we burrow in sleep.

May this words not fall weakly upon the scream of buffoons and those that do not keep their wits about them and those that dare not pay their fellow the decency of respect. May we observe from the safety of distance that which could befall us as an example of grace.

So that the ends are not brutal, mercilessness, unceremoniously muted and swift but instead are gradual like the inhaling and exhaling of breath, in the form of sagely advice from the aged to fiery youth.

That shall be a means to an end when they become us and more in their path to completion of cycle. But that is in the hopes that our time will not end so soon but faraway since we are at the spark from which our fires are lit. Let the fire spread.


The Ember Dance of Fenrir
The Ember Dance of Fenrir

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