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A Hiccup In Sanity


There are things that exist beyond the normal measure of human perception. Things that lurk passed the three dimensions that we call reality. Things that we cannot see when actively looking for them. To us they’ve been called myths, legends, cryptids but to those who are crazy enough to believe we call them monsters. Things that go bump in the night. They don’t appear to just everyone but when we blink sometimes we see between the lines.  Sometimes we see that which shouldn’t exist and find ourselves trapped out in the impossible. It’s not a matter of who we are going in but who we are coming out. Some would find it exhilarating and adventurous to encounter something beyond scope but to the paranoid they know better.  They know that not everyone makes it through, not everyone comes back sane. That sometimes those touched by the beyond emerge from the wood works and try to warn us about the things that are truly vile and alien that seek to draw pernicious plans against us. For this challenging of the norm, we believe them to be crazy for ever claiming such a thing ever existed in the first place. When reality fails momentarily we find it to be a hiccup in sanity. By that gesture a moment is an eternity and an eternity can be damnation. So let us hope we do not draw their unwanted attention, let us hope that we as a people have a continued being without ever crossing paths with the unknown.