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Tree of Time

We are free to make decisions in our lives however fate is the consequence and reaction of others to what you have done.

It has roots that extend firmly into the beginning of perceptions for humanity.

Yet it is not known as any constant that will ever be officially recognized by science.

Each cell a memory of those who came before, the measure of their worth and means.

Each inch the support of life to those who strive be, who make something of the worlds they inhabit.

Each leaf burning brightest in the fires of youthful exuberance living for progeny and through the seasons.

Each successful generation, a means for growth and rite of flourishing.

Though sadly, sentience and living kind does not always live forever, it can only be if they see their paths clearly and advert the disasters of pride and stupidity.

Let us pray that never truly be the end of those who are, for it would be an innumerable measure of time before someone discovers such a beauty beyond scope.

Burning for the duration of sentient intelligent life!